I wish i knew the answers

I'm just a girl with her own life, own problems, and own overwhelming mentality.

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I hate myself. I hate how fat I am. I can’t even walk past the mirror without breaking down. My shoulders are too broad, my stomach bloats, my face is disgusting, my legs are chunky, my arms are too big. There is all this fat on me that shouldn’t fucking be there. I want it gone. I can’t stand looking at myself and resenting everything I see. There isn’t one part of me that I like. I just hate this so much. I’m so fucking disgusting. I should have a thigh gap, my stomach should be flat, my hip bones should stand out, my collarbones should be noticeable, my arms should be thinner, my face needs to be less chubby, I should have a petite build. Why did I let myself get to the size I am? I should of listened when people called me fat through out my childhood. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t stand it any longer. Words can’t even explain how much I hate myself.

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